Vote! – Who will win the Carinthian Animal Welfare Prize 2022?

Spoiled for choice. The Carinthian Animal Welfare Award 2022 is in the final. A jury of experts selected the ten final participants – now it’s the turn of the “Krone” readers!

Numerous submissions for the Animal Welfare Prize 2022 have reached us in the last few weeks. Unique human-canine bonds, touching stories, and excellence in animal welfare deserve to be recognized. A jury of experts chose the final participants, now you come into play, dear readers! Until Thursday 29th September you can vote below who should win the Animal Welfare Prize and a €500 voucher. Whoever receives the most votes will be honored at the award ceremony on October 4th in the state government.Regine and MarcelloRegine was nominated by her twin sister. Her miniature dachshund Marcello accompanied her through her serious illness. “She was sad and lonely, I wanted to make her happy,” says Regine’s sister. Marcello also visited Regine during her time in the hospital. “I’ve never seen a connection like this before. As soon as they see each other, they get cuddles,” she says.Simone and DessaDessa also helped her dog owner, Simone, to get through heavy blows of fate. “Dessa is my drive in life. I wouldn’t have gotten through a lot without them,” describes Simone in her submission. The two have been a team for 11 years. Dessa can sense Simone’s physical and mental state before she can. Nicole and HunterNicole raised her Hunter herself, and the bond between them is special. “The day after my soul mate, Fuzzle, passed away, a friend of mine called to say her dog had run away. She came back but was pregnant!” says Nicole. She took in the pregnant bitch: “There was exactly one black puppy in the litter. Like Fuzzle!” She and Hunter have been inseparable ever since.Peter and RockyPeter owns a retro pug, a breed of dog that, after centuries of torture, is being slowly but surely bred back. “Rocky is the smartest dog I’ve ever had. We only understand each other through facial expressions,” says Peter. He walks without a leash and never leaves his side. “A mutually intimate relationship!”Sandra and LeviSandra now gives four dogs a home, two she rescued from Romania and one from the animal shelter. “I was in Romania on business, and then I found two puppies on the street!”, says Sandra. “The shelter had to get my Levi out of a terrible position. He was traumatized!” She tells the “Krone”. Today the four of them go for walks.Bernadette and AikoAiko also lived in an animal shelter, Bernadette gave the Bernese Mountain Border Collie mix a home in May 2020. “I got him from the Garden of Eden shelter and he was a family member like everyone else from the start. Nothing works without my darling,” Bernadette enthuses. Marianne and WhiskeyMarianne is helped around the house every day by her four-legged friend. In a handwritten letter, she tells how Whiskey picks up her things from the floor, fetches glasses or a pen and helps to take off her stockings. “After my husband died, I was alone. I had to pick up a lot with a pair of tongs!” Life is simply easier with whiskey.Manuela and her dogManuela’s dog, which she discovered in the “Krone” animal corner, refutes all prejudices against her breed with her cuddly nature. “I’ve rescued many stray cats, and my dog ​​has made it her business to comfort the shy animals!” says Manuela. In the submitted video, she cuddles with some of her protégés.John-Patrick and CaraJohn-Patrick becomes a more attentive person through his Cara, as he himself claims. He never wanted a dog. “We only went there to look,” says John-Patrick. Then it “clicked”. Since then, his life has changed a lot: “I’m a vegetarian now, live healthier and she always puts me in a good mood and reduces stress.”Sybille and SylvesterSybille and Sylvester have become a great team. “I wanted to get a dog to have a meaningful occupation. In the end, my dog ​​chose me,” explains Sybille. Sylvester is a smart and attentive dog, together they go on trips by car or train. “He does have his idiosyncrasies, which he more than makes up for with his charm.”
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