VP candidates fixed – voters could still mix up lists

The Vorarlberg People’s Party’s lists for the state elections have been fixed. The voters decide who ultimately enters the state parliament. And with the preferential votes he could still cause unforeseen things.

The blacks won exactly 17 seats in the 2019 state elections. If the latest surveys are to be believed, at least three seats are likely to be lost after the autumn elections. The question arises as to which candidates – minus the potential government members who will resign from their mandate – now have the best prospects of a seat in the state parliament. In the state election in Vorarlberg, each eligible voter can cast not only one vote for a party but also up to five preferential votes, but a maximum of two for the same candidates. In the 2019 state election, there were 268 shifts due to the preferential votes with at least one place difference from the list place. The most places were taken 2019 Simon Vetter (Greens) good. He improved from 10th to 6th place in the Dornbirn district, but still remained without a state parliament mandate. In the Bregenz district, the ÖVP won five mandates in the 2019 election. These are considered to be relatively well “secured” because Guido Flatz was only a few votes short of his sixth mandate. In the fall, Veronika Marte, Bernhard Feuerstein, Christina Hörburger and Guido Flatz should be quite sure of their mandate. It could possibly be tight for Heidi Schuster-Burda, who received little support from the Lake Constance communities when the list was drawn up and was ranked behind Flatz. Wiedl knows how it’s done. Tension is definitely the order of the day in Dornbirn, where three mandates were won in 2019. Theoretically, these would go to Hanno Lecher, Patrick Wiedl and Angelika Benzer. For the woman from Hohenems, the state parliament seat is anything but safe. If the ÖVP loses votes, the mandates in Dornbirn and Feldkirch will be lost first. While Benzer and Karin Feurstein-Pichler from Dornbirn only won a few preferential votes in 2019, Patrick Wiedl from Lustenau got over 2,000 and overtook both Feurstein-Pichler and Arno Gächter. As a result, the latter was denied entry into the Vorarlberg state parliament. Contested third mandate In the Feldkirch district (four mandates in 2019), the experienced campaigners Harald Sonderegger and Clemens Ender are unlikely to leave anything untoward. The question of how Wolfgang Flach will do promises to be exciting. To the dismay of his city party, the Feldkirch resident was ranked behind Gerda Schnetzer-Sutterlüty from Sulz. The best prospects for the state parliament seat in the Bludenz district (three mandates in 2019) are Monika Vonier, Andrea Schwarzmann and Harald Witzer. Bludenzer Cenk Dogan and Karin Feurstein-Pichler are on the state list (two mandates in 2019). However, it is unlikely that the ÖVP will get two mandates again.
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