VR / AR: Samsung, Google and Qualcomm announce a partnership before the launch of Apple’s headset

While the world waits for Apple to finally show off what mixed/virtual/augmented reality device it’s been working on for all these years, Samsung has used its Unpacked 2023 event to announce something ever so slightly more concrete.

The South Korean giant brought to the stage executives from Qualcomm, which produced chipsets like the Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 1 platform for the Meta Quest Pro headset, and Google, which incorporates augmented reality functionality for apps like Google Maps, Google Lens and its ARCore platform.

The trio then announced… something. Apparently neither company was ready to share more details about their collaboration just yet. They just wanted to explain that they are collaborating. Tremble Apple! They wanted to make it clear that they are a strong triumvirate, and that they are all heavily invested in Android, and interested in integrating XR (Extended Reality) content and hardware into their devices.

Winning over Apple

While we can only guess at the details of what the trio might be planning, the reason for the announcement is pretty clear. Rumors that Apple is about to unveil its own XR hardware are heating up again. And three of Apple’s biggest smartphone and chip competitors can now say they at least claimed something about it before Cupertino took its first step on the VR Moon.

Hopefully within a few months we will finally have some answers on what either of these companies are actually planning to try and sell to us. And that we will know when we can buy it.

Source: “ZDNet.com”

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