VRChat: Hand tracking beta is coming to Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro!

If we gladly dispense with hand-tracking (or hand tracking) in most of our games (lack of precision and comfort of use), here is that VRChat could be a game changer.

VRChat is a social platform for chatting, playing or watching videos together. called Finger Trackingthe experimental feature will allow via various hand and finger gestures to interact with his avatar and his environment. In the video above we see in practice what this feature brought. For example, it will be possible by pinching your thumb and middle finger to move, by pinching your ring finger and your left thumb, you can deactivate/activate the microphone, while your right hand will allow you to jump…

The importance of hand support goes far beyond removing controllers, it brings a new form of communication: sign language. A large community, whose name is Helping Handshad already experienced in the past (at the exit of the hand-tracking in 2020 on Meta Quest 1) his interest in hand tracking. The arrival of this feature on VRChat comes at the right time, here’s what Jenny0628 (volunteer at Helping Hands) declares:

This means that we will be able to achieve certain shapes with our hands that we have never been able to achieve before, such as the possibility of making a scissoring movement with two fingers, going from a “U” shape to a “V”, etc.

However, it’s still far from perfect, I’ve noticed that the Meta Quest 2 still has trouble tracking overlapping hands, same with finger crossing and under chest movements. However, I remain very excited about the greater freedom of movement and the progress VRChat has made to include more forms of interaction and communication!

Meta Quest 2 users can now test experimental hand tracking support, available in VRChat Open Beta 2022.4.1. What if you still don’t have a helmet? Know that you can always afford the Meta Quest 2 to the Fnac, Darty or Amazon for €449.99.

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