VTEP celebrates its 10th anniversary: ​​we attended the filming at the Palais des sports in Paris

While the program “Vendredi tout est permis” celebrates its 10th anniversary on Saturday January 29, 2022 on TF1, Télé Star was able to attend the filming. We tell you.

For the 10th anniversary of “Friday everything is permitted”, Arthur gave an appointment to the artists at the Palais des sports in Paris. Before filming for the show begins, thousands of people wait to enter the facility. Inside, it’s only 8 p.m. and it’s already buzzing. In total: 2,000 people came to watch the filming of the programme. And there are from all walks of life: Belgians, Cht’is, suburbanites and even a Disney group. “We want madness tonight, we’re going to enjoy it!” declares the room manager, just to set the tone of the evening. While waiting for the start of filming, the public is muddy; it shouts, it chants the first names of the guests, it dances… The atmosphere is already at its peak with in particular the launch of the “kiss cam”.

At 8:30 p.m., filming finally begins. Host Arthur enters the scene. “It’s weird, my heart is beating. We are going to celebrate 10 years. VTEP is a great playground for having fun and getting known. This show mixes talented artists (….) We will revive the laughter together. We decided to bring them all. They will participate in the most cult events” he declares. For the first part, he welcomes Claudia Tagbo, Jarry, Kav Adams, Amel Chabbi, Ahmed Sylla, Michael Youn, Chris Marques and Issa Doumbia. All arrive by surprise through the public and take place in their armchair. As usual, each of them goes with their little valve. “The surprise guest is stuck in traffic, thank you Anne Hidalgo” balance for example Michael Youn or “We’re ready for the SpongeBob biopic” claims Kev Adams, referring to Ahmed Sylla’s new haircut.

After a first humorous appetizer, the tests begin: Tik Tok dance, last word, test of mime on the chain, casting pub, ABC Story… The participants chain the most cult tests of the show. The gritty humor is still part of the program and really allows the audience to let go. The Covid, which has been an ordeal for two years, is also the target of all mockery. Two hours later, the other arrivals disembarked: Florent Peyre, Camille Cerf, Booder, Cartman, Arnaud Tsamère, Baptiste Lecaplain, Gérémy Crédeville, Anne-Sophie Girard and Bruno Guillon. “These are the faces of those who made VTEP” says Arthur.

surprise guests

Note that throughout the show, surprise guests arrive on stage such as Mesmer, Moundir or Philippe Lacheau. Everyone is keen to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the program. In total, more than 50 artists come together for ever more laughter and ever more challenges. 10 years is also an opportunity to remember the strongest moments until the most anticipated moment: that of the leaning decor. But we will not tell you more to keep a little suspense. See you on Saturday January 29, 2022 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.


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