VW boss taunts Mercedes & Toyota: You are not a competitor


VW boss Herbert Diess has made it clear that he no longer sees the Volkswagen Group as a classic car manufacturer in the future. Former competitors like Mercedes and Toyota, he misses a dig. For the Wolfsburg-based company, other names will be the benchmark in the future, including Apple, LG and Tesla.

VW boss: Competitors of the future are Tesla, Apple and Co.

The switch to e-mobility, connected to autonomous driving, updates “over the air” for new cars, many of them with electric drives – the automotive industry is facing many changes. VW is no exception and had announced its initiative for change under the title “New Auto”.

In a post on the LinkedIn careers portal, CEO Herbert Diess has now made it clear that the planned steps will no longer see them as competing with traditional car manufacturers: “In a “new car” world our competitors are no longer called Mercedes Benz AG, Toyota Motor Corporation or Stellantis, but Tesla, Foxconn, Apple, LG Electronics, Uber etc.”

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On the one hand, this can be understood as an announcement to the other car manufacturers to see them superior. On the other hand, the realignment of Volkswagen towards new business areas is the focus of Diess’ contribution (source: Herbert Diess at LinkedIn). This includes, among other things, the Focus on own software development. In doing so, they took Tesla as a model, where they took many things into their own hands right from the start, which is traditionally done by suppliers to the automotive industry.

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Mercedes, Toyota and Co. are far from being written off

Diess mentions, among other things, that the group wants to use synergies in further technological development. In other words, brands will work more closely together to avoid having to do the same work multiple times in different places. But at the same time you want it too Focus more on Volkswagen as a figurehead.

However, it is not said that VW can outperform Mercedes and Co. as competitors. With the Vision EQXX, Mercedes has shown how important efficiency will be for electric cars in the future. Similar to Tesla, Toyota relies on its own batteries. Whether with their own chips, the software company Cariad or other projects – VW and the car industry will probably have to work together adjust for more competitors before they can write off old ones.


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