VW Grand California in the big Blick camper check

The anticipation is huge: three colleagues, a whole weekend camping and playing disc golf in the best weather in Kreuzlingen TG on Lake Constance. You don’t know disc golf? Half as tragic. The sport in which frisbees have to be sunk into baskets instead of balls instead of holes means one thing above all for this excursion: a lot of extra luggage in addition to the normal equipment for three days and two nights at the campsite.

Blick auto journalist and disc golf enthusiast Andreas Engel (36) has therefore organized a special vehicle for the trip to Eastern Switzerland: the VW Grand California. The ordinary California, which is popularly known as the Bulli, is the epitome of campervans and has been the dream of many freedom seekers, not just since the pandemic-induced outbreak of the camping boom. Engel has already been in the Bulli a few times and knows that it will be rather tight for three adults (The Bulli in the test: If you want to camp, you have to wait). For the trip to Lake Constance, it should therefore be the Grand California, which has been available since 2019 – the big brother of the Bulli, so to speak.