VW Multivan: Head airbags can fail & risk of fire – back to the workshop

The new VW Multivan has to go to the workshop. Because its airbag can fail and, in the worst case, the vehicle can even catch fire. All information about the recall.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles VWN has to initiate a recall for the T7 Multivan again. For a serious reason: the head airbag can fail. This is reported, among other things, by the specialist portal Kfz-Vogel.

There are actually two reasons for the recall, both of which relate to the functional safety of the airbags. Firstly, “clips for fastening the components could not have been set correctly” and secondly, “there is a possibility that the wiring harnesses in the area of ​​the head airbag have been routed incorrectly”. This could mean that the head airbag does not provide optimal protection if it is deployed.

The laid roof cable strands could also lead to “various malfunctions”. The vehicle could even break down because of this and there is even an increased risk of fire. Neither of which sounds exciting on their own, and when paired with a potentially life-saving component, it’s particularly disconcerting.

These vehicles are affected

Both airbag defects T7 from the production periods September 2021 to March 2022 (as far as the clips are concerned) or up to May 2022 (as far as the line problem is concerned) are affected, as KFZ Vogel writes.

In Germany, therefore, almost 4,300 T7 Multivans have to go to the workshop for around four hours, and almost 8,000 vehicles worldwide. The internal promotion code for this according to “69DP”. The employees dismantle the “form sky” in the T7 and check whether the fastening chips are installed correctly. The employees also check whether the lines are installed correctly. In addition, the employees protect the wiring harness with additional non-woven adhesive tape in the area of ​​the bracket position. This subsequent attachment of adhesive tape is almost reminiscent of the subsequent improvised repairs by Tesla…

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VW Multivan T7 eHybrid has to go to the workshop – risk of fire

Already the second recall for the T7

This is the second recall for the T7 Multivan presented in 2021, which is a completely different vehicle than its predecessor, the T6x. Because as early as April 2022, Volkswagen recalled a number of plug-in hybrid vehicles, including the T7: VW is recalling vehicles – a new Golf burned out. At that time, a new T7 Multivan even caught fire.

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