Wagner boss accuses Moscow of undermining Bakhmout exit routes to trap his soldiers

Wagner boss accuses Moscow of undermining Bakhmout exit routes

Evgueni Progozhin, the voluble founder of the Russian paramilitary group Wagner, accused, on Telegram, the Russian Ministry of Defense of having wanted to trap its soldiers by mining the exit routes from Bakhmout.

“Shortly before our departure, we detected suspicious activity along our exit route. (…) We started to investigate our routes (…) and we found a dozen locations where various explosive devices had been placed, ranging from hundreds of anti-tank mines to tons of plastic explosives”he said, saying that “the people who booby-trapped these areas with explosives were representatives of the Ministry of Defense [russe] ».

“When asked why they did this, they point their finger up”added Yevgeny Prigozhin, referring to the Russian leadership. “We can assume that these explosives were intended to accommodate Wagner’s units, although we were not marching in column”he said.

He also announced that almost all of his units had left the city of Bakhmout, conquered after several months of struggle against Ukrainian forces, leaving the recovered positions to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The businessman, owner of the mercenary company Wagner, regularly questions the military institution and the official discourse on the war in Ukraine, indirectly targeting Vladimir Putin, as our correspondent in Moscow, Benoît Vitkine, analyzes. in the article below.

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