Wait, since when is Sonic Frontiers a game-service?

Sega has announced several updates for Sonic Frontiers. They will add content for free, in the tradition of game-services.

Long mocked for its laughable first gameplay trailer and Sega’s rather fuzzy explanations, Sonic Frontiers eventually earned a good reputation. And those who believed in it will be rewarded: in a tweet published on November 30, Sega shared a schedule of upcoming updates. The menu promises to be plentiful for this video game with content that we thought would be frozen forever.

The developers will evolve so much Sonic Frontiers that we could classify it in the category of service games. These titles are designed to last over time thanks to multiple updates modifying the content (the best representative is called Fortnite). This is a rather unexpected formalization, but excellent news for fans of the blue hedgehog. It’s also the best way to bring a game to life over time.

Upcoming content in Sonic Frontiers // Source: Sega

Everything planned for Sonic Frontiers in the future

First thing to know: there will be no major updates before 2023. Next year, Sonic Frontiers will receive at least three, according to a schedule that Sega did not specify. The Japanese firm has nevertheless detailed the future novelties that will be integrated into the latest adventure of the mascot. Some are very interesting.

Here is what Sonic Frontiers will receive in 2023 :

  • A Juke Box, no doubt to select the song we want to listen to during our walks;
  • A Photo mode, to immortalize Sonic;
  • New challenges;
  • An event centered around Sonic’s birthday;
  • Always more new challenges (for the open area);
  • New Koco characters to pick up;
  • More playable heroes;
  • An untold story to discover.

Everything will be free, even the ambitious content that will allow the plot to continue. Sega could have bet on a paid extension, as is often the case for this type of addition. This generosity is applauded by several fans.

Sega will, in a way, reward the players who gave a chance to Sonic Frontiers. If the whole of the press was not tender, the public was much more benevolent with this game-concept which offers a new direction to Sonic. On Metacritic, the average exceeds 8 out of 10, with very positive comments. ” It’s been the best 3D Sonic game for a long, long time. No words can express how much I love this game », Indicates for example Bomberblur. On Steam, the ratings are “overwhelmingly positive”. ” TL;DR: It’s good Sonic and we couldn’t believe it anymore! The presentations did not make me want when controller in hand, it’s fire “Says EdgeMiles.

Despite headwinds and an unfavorable schedule (it was released the same week as a certain God of War Ragnarok), Sonic Frontiers was able to convince people. And these future free contents will provide her with a deserved posterity, with a pampered community as she deserves. At Numerama, we are proud to have defended Sonic Frontiers.

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