Walkabout Mini Golf launches its 20,000 leagues under the sea course

Walkabout Mini Golf talk about him again. After the great DLCs Eldoradohere is the title of Mighty Coconut revisits the world of Jules Verne through his emblematic work: Twenty thousand leagues under sea. Players start aboard a small submersible which moors atop Captain’s famous submarine Nemothe Nautilus. You’ll play eighteen holes on the decks of the submarine and descend to an encounter with the story’s memorable monster, a giant squid. The developers have added seating throughout the ship so players can take breaks and chat, all in an environment that promises to be “gigantic”, drawing inspiration from previous renditions of the story. The course also features a new game mechanic – steam – which pushes your ball around the holes in new ways!

Don Carson joined the team of Mighty Coconutwhere he participated in the development process of this atypical coursehe who was Imagine at the house of disney in the 80s and 90s and thus worked on flagship attractions (Splash Mountain, Toontown…).

We’ve heard a lot of players tell us they love playing this game and then spend an hour or two chatting. So we set out to create comfortable seats and places conducive to discussion.

The works of Jules Verne, which have long been in the public domain, have been adapted countless times since their publication. Don Carson has also declared that they figured prominently among the list of course ideas envisaged by the studio. For the little anecdote, he explained that he joined the team after sending a fan letter to the developers, who hired him directly after being impressed by the similarity between their backgrounds and his theme park design. Know for your information that said course will soon be joined by two others inspired by the works Around the World in Eighty Days and Journey to the Center of the Earthjust that !

Walkabout miniglof 20000 leagues under the sea 02Walkabout miniglof 20000 leagues under the sea 05 Walkabout miniglof 20000 leagues under the sea 06

The team of Walkabout Mini Golf also recently announced the release of the course Myst and has already launched the one inspired by the film Labyrinth 80s. Finally, Don Carson confirmed that a mobile version of the game was still in the works, in order to provide cross play on more devices.

You can find the course DLCs paying 20000 Leagues Under the Sea for Walkabout Mini Golf on the Store Quest and Steam.

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