Wall calendar for children 2023: The 15 most beautiful copies for the children’s room

Are you looking for a nice wall calendar for children? We found fifteen kid-friendly ones – from Paw Patrol to The Mouse. Which calendar will your child enjoy the most?

Wall calendars for children abound. But which children’s calendar is the right one for your child? Are there additional features, such as puzzles or coloring? We’ll tell you and of course don’t leave out your favorite series and animals.

Wall calendars for children: The 15 most beautiful specimens

With a child-friendly wall calendar, you can certainly score points with your offspring or friends with children. After all, it is much more than a pure Overview of the year and upcoming appointments. Next to the Help for everyday planning the colorful pictures, colors and patterns on the wall in the children’s room look simply beautiful and delight children’s eyes. Depending on the child’s preferences, you can choose between the Minions, Greg’s calendar, animal calendars and many other themes. These are our favorite children’s calendars.

The mouse

With this Wall calendar you and your children can be accompanied by the popular “Show with the Mouse” every day through the year 2023. 12 beautifully designed calendar pages, each with a mouse-typical image and a six-language calendar give a good monthly overview of public holidays and moon phases and leave space for your appointments. There is also a small one on each calendar sheet Notes area. The wall calendar also contains a poster (30 x 60 centimeters) in the middle of the calendar to tear out.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

The Ice Queen II

Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Co. are now an integral part of children’s rooms (and hearts). Looking at this Wall calendar your children will shine. the 12 motifs of the 12 calendar pages come from from the second part of the film series; next to that there is a clear calendar on each calendar page and a column for your own notes – one good organizational help. As a little extra, the children’s calendar includes a matching poster.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

coloring calendar

For creative children is the coloring calendar a beautiful thing. Here you can develop freely and design the 12 motifs. Due to the format, the manufacturer recommends an age of 11 to 14 years. That climate-neutral printed paper also originates from sustainable forestry. Each calendar sheet gives an overview of the month, Sundays and public holidays are highlighted with larger numbers. However, there is no space for appointments or notes.

Format: 66 x 50.5 cm

The minions

With the Minions, the world just becomes more colorful and happier. With the Wall calendar the little yellow cartoon characters will give your children’s room a good mood booster that lasts all year round. The individual calendar pages consist of one 30 by 30 cm image and an equally large area for that calendar and additional notes. A poster is also there.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm


What kid doesn’t melt at the sight of cute little kittens?! Next to one Overview page for the school holidays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland accompany your children 12 cute cat pictures through the year. The individual pages of wall calendar offer you Space for notes and appointments and help to simplify your everyday planning.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm


Dogs or cats – sometimes the spirits argue here. It doesn’t have to be. After all, there are enough different animal calendars. If a child doesn’t have a fondness for cats, this one does Wall calendar with puppies certainly happy. 12 cute images printed on premium paperdecorate every children’s room wall – but offer no section for notes, appointments or birthdaysbut provide information about the most important holidays.

Format: 42.5 x 30.5 cm

Harry Potter

For all Potterheads there is a great one for 2023 XL wall calendar for children. With a width of 44.5 centimeters, it provides fans with numerous Harry Potter motifs – and is one at the same time great organizational help. So delight several film scenes per calendar sheet the hearts of the children and at the same time leave enough space for appointments and notes. A poster is also in the children’s calendar.

Format: 44.5 x 30 cm / unfolded 44.5 x 60 cm

Greg’s calendar

Greg’s diaries are very popular with children. There is a matching wall calendar for 2023 – Greg’s calendar. With 12 cool pictures and large fields for appointments, your children always have everything in view. There is also “valuable” information, for example when the day of the blue cheese is.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

Your lotta life

The female answer to Greg and his diary/calendar is Lotta Life. Accordingly, she also has her own Wall calendar for 2023. In it you can note all important dates and Comics sweeten everyday life. A poster in the middle to separate beautifies other children’s room walls.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

Paw Patrol

What Benjamin Blümchen used to be for children is now Paw Patrol. With a colorful wall calendar Everest, Skye, Zuma and their friends are sure to have fun for kids in 2023. Next to the calendar and pictures can the kids look up 365 stickers be happy.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

Our sandman

With the Wall calendar children are well looked after all year round. Because next to that clear calendar with all public holidays, the children’s calendar provides an overview page for the school holidays and 12 printed backs. This backs keep different Riddles, craft ideas and Co. ready, which ensure successful entertainment in the spirit of the popular sandman.

Format: 24 x 33 cm


The stories of Snoopy, Charly Brown and Co. have delighted children and young people for generations. With the Peanuts wall calendar expects your children monthly clear calendar, a small comic and the most important holidays as well as, for example, the information about the beginning of summer time or similar. A small one field for notes can be filled individually.

Format: 44 x 34 cm


Is your child crazy about horses? Then he should kids calendar be just right. Amazing, large format photos on premium paper of different horse breeds will accompany you throughout the year. In the calendar, Sundays and public holidays are highlighted in color – but notes or appointments cannot be noted.

Format: 42 x 30 cm

Hidden object of Ali Mitgutsch

In book form, hidden objects are extremely popular. Also as Wall calendar for children by Ali Mitgutsch makes the hidden world excellent and embellished not only that nursery. With each month a new world opens up, where there is much to discover. Whether on the ice rink or in the wild – your children will be amazed by this children’s calendar.

Format: 52 x 42.5 cm

The School of Magical Animals

The books “The School of Magical Animals” regularly become bestsellers. There comes the right one for the many little fans kids calendar just right. With 12 motifs from the world of Ida, Jo, Yannik and Co. they have loyal companions at their side all year round. To-do lists, appointments and birthdays all have their place here. A calendar for the whole family.

Format: 30 x 30 cm / unfolded 30 x 60 cm

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