Wall design in the children's room: the most beautiful ideas

The wall design in the children's room stimulates the imagination of the little ones and creates an atmosphere of wellbeing. Whether with wall paint, wall stickers or borders – here we show you the most beautiful ideas for wall design in the children's room.

The children's room is very important for the little ones: here they should feel safe and able to develop. The wall design plays a crucial role in this – it makes a significant contribution to the ambience of the room.

Wall design in the children's room: what options are there?

A beautiful wall design stimulates the child's imagination and promotes creativity. The design should be child-friendly and age-dependent. Especially with the slightly larger children, it is advisable to address the respective interests: If the child is interested in animals, a wall sticker with the favorite animal is a great idea. A dreamy fairytale world, on the other hand, is created with the appropriate wallpaper and border. And under a starry sky, dreams are guaranteed to be even more beautiful!

In general, there are the following design options for the children's room:

  • Wallpaper and borders: With wallpapers and borders you can create your own worlds. For example, there are many children's wallpapers with suitable motifs and matching borders as an additional eye-catcher. Wallpaper for coloring can also be a creative design option for the little ones.
  • Wall decal / wall sticker: Natural motifs, animals or characters from fairy tales and stories are suitable here. A wall tattoo or wall sticker has the advantage that it can simply be stuck on and removed again. The purchase is not expensive and with just one motif a new atmosphere can be breathed into the room.
  • Wall decoration: Child-friendly mobile, wall shelves in the form of a tepee, rainbows, stars, garlands … there are unlimited possibilities to make the living area of ​​the little ones special.
  • Colours: Happy and soft colors are always a good choice. With a plain background, a corresponding wall decoration can provide additional accents.

Important: Make sure that the sleeping area of ​​the children's room really exudes calm, while the play corner can be made a little more colorful.

Wall design in the children's room: the baby room

Friendly and subtle shades are well suited for babies. Pastel tones are an example. Shrill colors, on the other hand, can be bothersome and worry the baby. Even with wallpapers, you should use solid colors instead of small-patterned ones: A detailed pattern cannot be processed by babies yet and is therefore irritating. You should also be careful with a large wall sticker or wall sticker, as large shapes can instill fear. An unobtrusive wall design and small decorative elements are therefore the better choice.

Wall design in the children's room: get creative with the child

Depending on their age, the children can already participate in the wall design for their children's room:

  • Imaginative stencils can be cut out of a piece of cardboard. The motifs are then dabbed onto the wall with a little paint and a sponge. The child can help with every step – from cutting out the stencil to dabbing on the wall – and is guaranteed to be proud to have designed their own nursery afterwards.
  • Chalkboard paint on the wall offers the child unlimited creative freedom: Here they can practice the ABC, write down rhymes and implement small paintings. Boredom is guaranteed not to arise with a blackboard in the children's room!
  • Handcrafting is fun! Colorful pennant chains are created with cardboard and twine, which can be stretched across the walls.

Wall design in the children's room: Pinterest's most beautiful ideas

Blackboard paint can be used to paint individual walls, which give the child a great deal of design freedom.

You can easily create templates for your wall from cardboard. You apply the color with a sponge or a small roller.

If you dare to paint directly on the wall, you can create a fantasy world with just a few outlines.

Wall stickers can have a big effect and make the sleeping area of ​​the baby room cozy.

The mountains invite you to dream! You can see how to paint such a scenery for your child in the instructions below.

A real mural is a lot of work – but it decorates the walls for several years.

The wall can not only be embellished with wall stickers, but also becomes an eye-catcher thanks to these small shelves in tipi shape.

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