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Wall design
These tricks will make your living room really stylish

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White walls? You can do it – but our ideas really bring life to your place! We’ll show you the most beautiful styles for wall design in the living room.

The living room is one of the most important living spaces: This is where we relax after a day at work, this is where we spend time with family and friends – this is where we just have a good time. So that the ambience is right, we have to pay the right attention to the wall design in the living room. We’ll show you ideas on how to design your walls in the living room really nicely and put them in the limelight.

The right choice of wall color

Colors affect us and act accordingly on our mood and our general feeling of being at home. Therefore, the choice of color for the wall design in the living room is of great importance if you want to design with color. However, you should also consider the size of the living room. The general rule is that larger rooms can be painted with darker tones, while small rooms, on the other hand, can be optically enlarged with light colors. Depending on what you want for your living room – relaxation, liveliness, cosiness? – you can consider the following colors:

  • beige makes the room appear more spacious and ensures calm in the overall picture.
  • Shades of orange ensure a lively sense of well-being, they have a warm and simultaneously activating effect.
  • Shades of yellow are mood-enhancing and create a good mood! They can liven up communication and also promote concentration!
  • Red can be very cozy and activating, but too much of it can encourage aggressiveness. Red is a typical accent color. B. only painted on one wall in the room or used as a splash of color through textiles or the like.
  • purple is a very sensual color and has something calming about it. But an entire room in the same color can have an overwhelming effect.
  • green has a harmonious and calming effect.
  • blue stands for harmony and tranquility! It ensures inner balance and can also appear very cool. The color blue is also said to inhibit appetite.
  • pink is gentle, uplifting and relaxing.
  • White has something cool, but can neutralize and invigorate very well.
  • black has a space-reducing effect, can look elegant if used sparingly.

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Here you can find some interior design ideas for wall design in your living room:

Blue gives a sense of space! The gentle color transition from dark to light additionally increases this effect and is guaranteed to make the living room wall an eye-catcher.

Remember: With an intense color, it is best to emphasize only one wall in the living room – otherwise it could look a bit overwhelming.

Green exudes calm – exactly what many want in the living room.

Wall design living room: wallpaper

Another way to design your wall in the living room is To set accents and to focus only on one wall – with a patterned wallpaper. You can use it to emphasize an area.

With wallpaper, you can also fine-tune the effect of the room in other ways:

  • Vertical patterns wallpapered up to the top stretch low rooms.
  • You lower high ceilings in the living room by not wallpapering all the way to the top, but by leaving a wide strip in the same color as the ceiling.
  • Only use wallpaper with small patterns in small living rooms.
  • If you want to limit a spacious room, bold colors or large patterns are the right choice.

Wall design living room: concrete look

You can create an extraordinary wall design in the living room with a concrete look! You don’t need concrete for this, because there are already other solutions for this style, e.g. B. Wall color in concrete look, but also Wallpaper with that special look.

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Stone look in the living room

The wall design in the living room becomes more complex with a stone look. Wallpapers with a stone look are also available, but tiles made from natural materials make things more homely. You also have the choice between different colors, sizes and styles. Whether noble gray or natural sand – this is how it becomes really cozy and inviting.

Tip: Unplastered, pure brick walls can also look stylish in the living room. The look works really well with a facility with industrial charm, for example.

Wall design living room: wood paneling

If you like natural materials, you will love wood paneling in the living room! Wood fits in color z. B. very good with green and white.

Decoration as a wall design in the living room

Instead of using a paint bucket or wallpaper and paste, you can also bring your wall with you Redesign the decoration. Here are some ideas for wall decoration:

  • Photos as a collage or in a frame (see also hanging pictures)
  • painting
  • Art prints
  • Design the living room wall with a wall template or with a wall tattoo
  • Butterflies (see also making butterflies yourself)
  • Cloths
  • Macrame wall hanging

A picture or an art print gives the living room – correctly staged – an individual note. You can also show your own style with well-used photos. Elements made of wood are also a real eye-catcher in the living room!

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