Wall Street: Indices maintain their bullish inertia

(CercleFinance.com) – After three consecutive sessions of increases, the American stock markets stalled a little on Tuesday, due to a lack of elements likely to truly support the trend.

At the end of the morning, the Dow Jones advanced 0.3% to 38,956.8 points, while the Nasdaq Composite increased 0.2% to 16,383.6 points, thus returning to less than 1% of its historic high of 16,538.8 points.

In the absence of bad news, Wall Street is riding its positive momentum and extending its rise of recent sessions, benefiting in particular from timid positions taken on real estate or industrial values, largely neglected since the start of the year. ‘year.

After the recent bullish burst, investors however prefer to catch their breath while waiting for new catalysts before returning to purchases, especially since the results season is now almost over.

In the absence of major macroeconomic indicators, investors are however keeping their eyes glued to the quarterly publications of the latest laggards.

Disney thus fell by almost 10%, the increase in its annual objectives being obscured by turnover and cash flow considered ‘a little tight’ over the past quarter.

The predictive analysis specialist Palantir also suffered a heavy decline (-12%), victim of profit-taking the day after the publication of its results, after having gained nearly 47% since the start of the year.

Walmart stands out on the rise (+1.2%) and signs the second largest increase in the Dow Jones index, supported by UBS which raised its price target on the value one week before the publication of the group’s results .

The easing which continues in the bond compartment is also likely to reassure investors, on the same scenario as that of the day before which had seen the gains of stocks amplify.

The yield on ten-year T-Bonds thus falls below the threshold of 4.43%, while the ‘two-year’ bond stagnates at around 4.81%, marking a worsening of the inversion of the curve considered as a precursor technical sign of ‘a recession.

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