War enemies USA and Taliban have the same opponent in the Islamic State

The Taliban are in power but not in control of the country. In the past 18 months, the United States has not had a single US soldier fallen in Afghanistan. 13 US marines were killed in a suicide attack at Kabul airport on Thursday. US President Joe Biden (78) calls them “heroes”. But not that he also accuses the new rulers in Afghanistan as masterminds behind the attack. Biden swore revenge in the White House to bring down the assassins. The old protective power of Afghanistan and the new rulers have a “common interest,” said Biden. In other words: the two enemies of the war work together against a common enemy: the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State (IS). He confessed to the bloodbath in Kabul. Two IS suicide bombers blew themselves up on Thursday: one at the airport, one at a hotel.

“The Taliban are not good people,” said Biden. “But we have a common interest.” The new rulers of Afghanistan have a vital interest in working with the international community. The Taliban not only wanted to keep the airport in Kabul open, but could not do so without outside help, he said. They also have an interest in not letting the economy crash. And: The USA and the Taliban have a common enemy of war that is now trying to exploit the power vacuum in the country: the Islamic State of Khorasan, also known as IS-K, the Afghanistan branch of the terror group. Biden warned of IS-K attacks on Tuesday.