War in the Middle East – Norway will recognize Palestine as a state – News

War in the Middle East – Norway will recognize Palestine as a state – News – SRF

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Topics in this news ticker

  • Norway will recognize Palestine as a state
  • Reports: Israel has restricted Rafah deployment plans
  • Israel has no plans for settlements in Gaza, according to Netanyahu
  • How political is the International Criminal Court?
  • Problems distributing aid via a temporary port
  • Israel’s Information Minister: Orders return of AP camera
  • University of Freiburg withdraws complaint against occupiers
  • Pistorius critical of arrest warrant applications against Israel’s leadership
  • WHO chief: Israel must lift restrictions on aid deliveries
  • EDA does not want to comment on the ICC application
  • Equipment confiscated from news crew in Israel
  • UNRWA: Food distribution suspended in Rafah
  • Gallant criticizes ICC application for arrest warrant as “disgraceful”
  • Israel: “Civilized world” should not recognize arrest warrant
  • Aid deliveries to Gaza are gaining momentum
  • Chief prosecutor of the criminal court should visit Israel
  • Amal Clooney helped court take action against Israel and Hamas
  • Israel kills commander of Hezbollah missile unit in Lebanon
  • At least seven dead in Israeli attack in West Bank
  • Italy also condemns the decision of the ICC chief prosecutor
  • France supports the ICC plaintiff’s decision
  • Over 569 tons of relief supplies delivered via temporary US port
  • According to Biden, Israel is not committing genocide in the Gaza Strip
  • Criticism also from Berlin for the ICC announcement
  • Hamas demands arrest warrants for all Israeli commanders
  • US government: Request for an arrest warrant “outrageous” and “shameful”
  • Austrian Chancellor Nehammer criticizes Court decision
  • The events of the Pentecost weekend

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The war in the Middle East has already cost thousands of lives, mostly civilians. Swiss Solidarity calls for solidarity to help the civilian population. It supports its Swiss partner organizations on site – it helps where the humanitarian needs are greatest. At the moment it is Gaza.

Donations for the “Humanitarian Crisis in the Middle East” collection can be made at: www.glueckskette.ch be made.

How does SRF deal with sources in the crisis area?

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There is a lot of information about the war in the Middle East, and it is sometimes contradictory. The most reliable sources are our correspondents and employees on the ground. Other important sources are eyewitnesses who can provide first-hand information.

We classify the statements of the various parties to the conflict accordingly. Basically, the following applies to SRF: the more difficult and unreliable the sources, the more important transparency is. Disputed facts and information that cannot be independently verified will be identified as such.

Tagesschau, May 20, 2024, 7:30 p.m

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