War in Ukraine: in Kharkiv, children organize a concert for the inhabitants being in the metro

Ukrainian children gathered inside a metro station on Tuesday, March 22. They offered a moment of “joy” for residents fleeing Russian bombardment in Kharkiv.

A very moving sequence. While the city of Kharkiv has been largely destroyed since the start of the war in Ukraine, its inhabitants have been forced to leave their homes. Some fled the city, others took refuge inside metro stations.

At a time when terror is gaining ground, when bombings are wreaking havoc and when the sirens of ambulances transporting the dead continue to be heard, children accompanied by actors, poets and writers have decided to provide a moment of happiness to forget the tragedy.

Inside a metro station, a concert was organized this Tuesday, March 22 by “little Ukrainians” to “big Ukrainians”. In a video shared on social networks, we see children singing the Ukrainian national anthem. “I have never heard such sincere applause, to be honest,” commented the author of the video.

“Quiet evening, dear brothers and sisters. Tomorrow we will wake up one day closer to our victory,” he added.

Kharkiv facing the assaults of the Russian army

Ukraine’s second city, Kharkiv is in the throes of intense fighting. If the Ukrainian army manages, for the moment, to drive out the Russian troops, the metropolis of eastern Ukraine is almost destroyed.

Shots are heard very regularly. A few days ago, the site of the regional administration was targeted by three Russian rockets. Theatres, schools, universities and homes were bombed. At this point, at least 500 people have been killed in Kharkiv since the start of the war.

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