War in Ukraine: what to remember on the 125th day of the Russian invasion


Ukraine has again paid a heavy price in the Russian invasion, with several strikes affecting civilians, including one that killed at least 18 people in Kremenchuk in the center of the country, more than 200 km from the front. “Only crazy terrorists, who should have no place on Earth, can strike civilian targets with missiles. (…) Russia must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism,” said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky , a “qualification” that French President Emmanuel Macron has said he does not adopt.

The “indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilians constitute a war crime”, however launched the leaders of the G7 meeting in Germany, in a declaration which “solemnly condemns the abominable attack” of Kremenchuk and assures that Russian President Vladimir Putin will have to “accountable”.

Information to remember:

  • Bombing kills 18 at shopping mall in Ukraine
  • The Russian army claims to have hit an arms warehouse in Kremenchuk, and that the commercial center was closed,
  • “Indiscriminate attacks against innocent civilians constitute a war crime,” G7 leaders said late in the evening.
  • Turkey agrees to Sweden and Finland joining NATO

NATO invites Sweden and Finland to join

The NATO countries, meeting at the summit in Madrid, will officially “invite” Sweden and Finland on Wednesday to join the Alliance after the lifting of the Turkish veto on their membership on Tuesday evening, announced the Secretary General of NATO. in front of the press. “I am delighted to announce that we have an agreement which paves the way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO” and which addresses “Turkey’s concerns about arms exports and the fight against terrorism”, added Jens Stoltenberg.

Russian army claims to have hit weapons warehouse

“18 dead… My sincere condolences to the families and loved ones,” acting head of the Poltava regional administration Dmytro Lunine said on Tuesday morning of the shelling of a shopping center in Kremenchuk, 330 km to the south. -east of Kyiv. According to the Ukrainian Air Force, the mall was hit by anti-ship missiles fired by long-range bombers from Russia’s Kursk region.

The Russian army, for its part, claimed to have hit an arms warehouse, causing explosions and then a fire. Residents of the city interviewed by AFP rejected this version.

Eight people killed in another bombardment in Lysychansk

A Russian strike killed eight people in Lyssytchansk, a strategic pocket of resistance in Donbass. In the recently fallen twin city of Severodonetsk, at least eight civilians were killed and more than 20 others, including two children, injured while “collecting water from a cistern”, according to the governor of the Lugansk region, Sergiï Gaïdaï.

“The Russians fired into a crowd of people with multiple Hurricane rocket launchers,” he said. “The Lugansk region is becoming total ruin,” he said. “The Russians continue to try to block Lysychansk and take control of the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway”.

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) notes a “measured progress” of Russians east of Bakhmout. On the other hand, they would have been pushed back to the north of Sloviansk. The British Ministry of Defense notes for its part that the forces of kyiv “continue to disrupt Russian command and control with strikes deep behind the lines” enemy. But it also points to an intense wave of Russian strikes on Ukraine in recent days with long-range missiles, fired from Russian and Belarusian airspace.

Mayor of Kherson arrested

The Ukrainian mayor-elect of Kherson, a city occupied by Russian forces and their separatist allies, has been arrested, according to the deputy head of the occupation administration, Kirill Stremoussov. “He is considered a hero mayor in the Nazi milieu (…). This person who was doing a lot of harm to the denazification process has finally been neutralized,” he told the Russian agency Ria Novosti.

Eleven rockets were launched at Mykolaiv (south), according to the district chief of this city. Some were intercepted but three people died in Ochakiv, including a 6-year-old girl. On Monday, “Russian forces carried out localized attacks along the front line around Kharkiv” but without progress, estimates the ISW, for which the Ukrainian counter-offensives in the region force the Russians to prioritize defensive operations.

The Russian offensive will end when kyiv capitulates

The Kremlin has indicated that its offensive will end when kyiv capitulates. “We must order the nationalist units to lay down their arms, (…) the Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and we must implement all the conditions set by Russia. Then everything will be over in one day,” Dmitry said. Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The G7 supports a reconstruction of Ukraine

The G7 powers, meeting at a summit in Germany, have pledged to “support” the reconstruction of Ukraine via an international conference and a plan. The G7, joined by five emerging countries including India, condemned an “illegal” invasion. “Russia cannot and must not win and therefore our support for Ukraine and our sanctions against Russia will continue as long as necessary and with the necessary intensity over the coming weeks and months,” said Emmanuel Macron.

Tens of thousands of dead and more than six million displaced

There is no overall assessment of the civilian victims of the conflict. On the military level, Western security sources are now talking about 15,000 to 20,000 Russian soldiers killed. Ukrainian forces are losing around 100 soldiers every day, according to kyiv. No independent figures are available.

More than six million Ukrainians are internally displaced, according to a new count on Tuesday from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). They join the more than 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees registered as refugees in other European states since the start of the conflict on February 24.

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