War in Ukraine – Zelensky signs mobilization law – News

War in Ukraine – Zelensky signs mobilization law – News – SRF

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Topics in this news ticker

  • Zelensky again calls for delivery of anti-aircraft systems
  • Zelensky signs mobilization law
  • Scholz and Xi want to promote peace conferences
  • The goal: weaken the Russian economy
  • Kremlin reacts reservedly to Olympic ceasefire
  • Zelensky complains about an acute shortage of ammunition
  • Xi Jinping: China not a party in the Ukraine war
  • US aid to Ukraine: Movement in the US Congress
  • Zelensky calls for the same unity as when supporting Israel
  • EU Commission assesses Ukraine’s reform plans positively
  • Zelensky calls for more support
  • Ukrainian places under Russian fire
  • Two dead and four injured in glide bomb attack
  • Cameron receives Kremlin opponent Navalnaya
  • London: Russia is recruiting soldiers abroad
  • Four dead after Russian rocket fire in Donetsk region
  • Scholz warns China against military support for Russia
  • Russia is unimpressed by metal exchange sanctions
  • Ukrainian Defense Minister: Situation on the Eastern Front tense
  • The events in the Ukraine war last weekend

Swiss Solidarity is calling for donations for Ukraine

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In view of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Swiss Solidarity is collecting donations for the affected Ukrainian population. Millions of people – especially children, women and the elderly – have already fled and are seeking refuge in neighboring countries or in areas inland that have been spared from fighting. Swiss Solidarity supports refugees through its partner organizations in Ukraine, the neighboring countries Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary as well as in Switzerland.

Donations can be made at www.glueckskette.ch or to postal account 10-15000-6, note “Crisis in Ukraine”.

How does SRF check the sources in war reporting?

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The information about the Ukraine war is numerous and sometimes contradictory. The most reliable sources are local journalists and reporters from other media outlets who you can trust. Other important sources are eyewitnesses – people on site who can provide impressions.

Information from warring parties should be particularly questioned. Because all warring parties make propaganda – in this war of aggression, especially the Russian, official sources. We classify the statements of the warring parties accordingly. Basically, the following applies to SRF: the more difficult and unreliable the sources, the more important transparency is. Disputed facts and information that cannot be independently verified will be identified as such.

Sources: Agencies, SRF

Tagesschau, April 16, 2024, 7:30 p.m

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