War of the Roses: That’s why Sophie Turner is suing her ex Joe Jonas

War of the Roses
That’s why Sophie Turner is suing her ex Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting divorced.

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Is there a threat of another War of the Roses in Hollywood? Sophie Turner has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her husband Joe Jonas.

The “Game of Thrones” star According to US media reports, Sophie Turner (27) is said to have sued her husband Joe Jonas (34). Apparently it’s about the whereabouts of their children, who are apparently currently in New York City. Turner wanted to travel to England with them this week, Jonas is said to be withholding the children’s passports, according to the reports.

As reported by “CBS News,” among others, citing the lawsuit, it is said that the family spent some time in England after the two stars looked for a house there in the spring. Turner was born and raised in Great Britain and her children are said to also have British citizenship.

Sophie Turner is filming in England

In May, Turner began filming a six-part drama series for a British streaming service, which, according to the lawsuit filed in New York, is the “first significant role” Turner has taken on since the children were born, according to CBS News. While Turner remained in the UK to work, Jonas left the country at the end of July to go on tour with the Jonas Brothers. This began on August 12th in New York. Due to Turner’s busy filming schedule, the children reportedly traveled with Jonas.

According to the report, Turner claims the “collapse” of her marriage “happened very suddenly.” There is said to have been an argument on August 15th. “On or about September 1, 2023, the father filed a divorce lawsuit against the mother in Florida,” CBS News reports, citing her lawsuit. Turner reportedly learned about the divorce from the media.

Sophie Turner apparently wanted to bring the children back to Great Britain, which Jonas allegedly refused. Before they decided to reportedly move to the UK, Turner and Jonas lived primarily in New York City and Miami with their children, according to media reports.

Wedding 2019

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner announced in early September that they were divorcing. Published after days of rumors the frontman of the Jonas Brothers made a statement on Instagram, which he wrote together with his wife. It says: “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.”

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been dating since 2016, and their engagement in 2017 was followed by a glamorous wedding in Las Vegas two years later. Their first daughter Willa was born in July 2020, and another daughter was born two years later in July 2022.


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