Wardrobe 2021: We will take these parts with us from the Corona year

Wardrobe 2021
We take these parts with us from the Corona year

Cher integrates the mask into her look, Alberta Ferretti goes for oversize.

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Trend update for the wardrobe: which parts can stay and which no one wants to see in 2021? The answer is here.

"There are no trends this year," predicted designer Michael Michalsky (53) for 2020. Admittedly – Corona slowed the fashion world a bit, but there were trends anyway. But we don't want to see all of them again in 2021. Which parts can stay in the closet, which have to go?

Yes to mom jeans

The casual and comfortable cut of the mom jeans convinced many women in 2020, including Cathy Hummels (32, "My detour to happiness"). Why not? After all, the pants are super practical. They can be combined sportily with sneakers and sweaters as well as chic with heels and blazers. Another plus point: small bacon pillows can be conveniently hidden under the wide cut.

Yes to oversize

Speaking of comfortable: big, bigger, oversize. The trend has dominated many women’s wardrobes for a few years now, and it can stay that way because we love oversize. Coats, blazers, jackets, sweaters, shirts or blouses, all of these items are kept in oversized form and can continue to live in the wardrobe.

Yes to "Classic Blue"

The name says it all: blue is simply classic and timeless. The color institute named "Classic Blue" the color of the year 2020. It could not really prevail on the (digital) catwalks, but that is far from being a reason to throw the beloved blue sweater in the old clothes container.

No to batik

What was already popular in the 1990s celebrated a fashion comeback around 30 years later: The batik look shaped the 2020 fashion year – and young people such as Justin Bieber (26, "Holy") and his wife Hailey (24) liked to jump on the bandwagon . If we are honest, we can no longer see the jogging pants and hoodies in a great look. When it comes to color in 2021, less is more!

No to underboob bikinis

A summer trend that can happily disappear in the moth box was the underboob bikini. Stars like Rita Ora (30) celebrated the underbust swimwear. The frugal look wasn't really convincing. The tight panties and thongs don't forgive a gram too much on the ribs and are therefore simply not for the average sun worshiper – get rid of them!

Yes to the mask

Never seen before and a real hit: Who would have thought that mouth and nose covering could ever become a fashion piece? In the Corona year, the mask was a constant and stylish companion and it will probably stay that way for a while in 2021. Simple surgical masks were quickly pimped and came on the market in every color, shape and pattern. And the stars also discovered them for themselves: Lana del Ray (35) or Lena Meyer-Landrut (29), for example, proved how stylish a protective measure can be – keep it up.