Warhammer 40,000: Speed ​​Freeks hits the nitro in closed alpha

The awful Orks trapped on the planet Thundurus are sweating hard. There’s nothing worth looting or ransacking on that damn rock. So as the Greenskins always do when they’re idle, they beat each other up. Speed ​​Freeks immerses us in the experience of Speedwaaagh!, a motorized competition where 16 Ork cars clash violently with a great reinforcement of heavy artillery. Different classes distributed through seven vehicles with unique abilities allow us to choose the style of play that suits us best. The Unreal Engine 5 hums under the hood to deliver the finest cabin explosions ever.

Up and down for the blood god

Speed ​​Freeks is currently in closed alpha on Steam. For now, only Pursuit Mode is available: the objective is to capture points scattered across the map. Spinning like an arrow is as important as knocking down the competition. Later will come the Convoy Mode where we will have to defend a very very big truck while destroying that of the enemy team. Like a little air of Mad Max: Fury Road more saucy.

At the wheel of Speed ​​Freeks, we find Caged Element, a Canadian studio that had already crumpled the sheet in GRIP: Combat Racing. There is, as it were, a favorite field that is taking shape… Plaion is in charge of the publishing.

No release date beyond the alpha has yet been shared. Know that the final version will be free-to-play.

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