Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate – Daemon Hunter is available, here is its release trailer

More than 20 years after the original Chaos Gate title, the sequel has finally arrived on PC, and we can only be pleased to see that it lives up to expectations. Too many Warhammer 40K titles rely heavily on the Games Workshop license, and unfortunately we end up with a lot of very forgettable games. While XCOM 3 is still long overdue, we could also consider that Chaos Gate – Daemonhunter is one of the spiritual successors of the previous license title, given the gameplay elements present: a mobile base, turn-based combat with a system cover, a reduced squad, but with immense customization options, both aesthetically and in terms of talents and equipment. You can discover all this in detail in our test below.


On the table or in video games, Warhammer 40K is a license that often comes up for fans of turn-based tactics. Very few games have the means of their ambitions, but Complex Games and Frontier Foundry seek to remedy this with a title that is eye-popping. Here is our verdict.

A new benchmark in Warhammer 40K games

Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate – Daemon Hunter features a realization that honors the license, with cutscenes and units that possess a rare level of fidelity with rare Games Workshop miniatures. The same goes for the sets, and we often have the impression of observing the originals painted (and animated) with an impressive level of realism. Of course, it doesn’t stop there, and you also need solid gameplay to make a good game. also drawing inspiration from other titles such as Gears Tactics in order to give a tactical game with a fast and intense game pace. The 3 action points per turn combined with willpower points and executions which give extra actions to the entire squad, both encourage aggressive play. The tons of enemy reinforcements, and the random Warp events that regularly affect the battlefield are all reasons not to hang around.

There are a few interface heavinesses, and like a lot of games in the genre, the battles do end up getting a bit repetitive, but going through the campaign is very satisfying, with a good level of challenge to overcome. We warmly recommend it, if you are looking for a very good modern and easy to handle tactical.


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