Warrants also listed on NASDAQ with immediate effect

April 20, 2021 will go down as the first DogeDay in history. The date is not chosen by chance.

Today is April 20th. At first glance, a date like any other. But this day is historic today. It is the world’s first “DogeDay”, the Dogecoin holiday. The date is by no means chosen randomly. 4/20 has long been an unofficial holiday of the counterculture in the USA. Every year lovers of cannabis indulge their consumption and celebrate the event with memes on social networks. So it’s no wonder that the Dogecoin community chose this day.

The declared goal of the Doge disciples today is to provide another pump of the “meme currency”. The short-term goal is $ 0.69. In the long term, they want to reach $ 4.20. So will Twitter Been fed with appeals, persevere slogans and of course memes for days.

As absurd as this goal may sound, it is by no means unrealistic. Dogecoin has already pumped many times over in the past. Just yesterday, the fun coin ousted the stablecoin Tether from fifth place in the top 10 ranking of cryptocurrencies. In a weekly comparison, the Memecoin increased by a full 460 percent. The US celebrities, especially Elon Musk, are great advocates of Dogecoin. The Tesla boss’ Twitter profile has now almost become an advertising platform for the cryptocurrency. For his tweets, Musk had to deal with regulators several times.

As amusing and creative as the memes of the Dogecoin community are, one should not ignore that the bubble around the crypto currency grows with each new all-time high. As appealing as the prospect of quick money is, invest with caution. The more DOGE inflates, the higher the risk of a crash. You can find an overview of how you can profit from a price crash here.