Warrior Nun season 2 on Netflix: this final kiss ignited the spectators

Warrior Nun made its comeback on November 10 and the fans were there. On social networks, they have only one word in their mouths – Avatrice – in tribute to the couple Ava/Béatrice.

Warning this article contains spoilers for season 2 of Warrior Nun.

Despite no promotion, season 2 of Warrior Nun is a hit on Netflix and closely follows The Crown and Manifest in the top of the most viewed programs. The series which follows ninja nuns reacts on social networks, in particular for this couple formed by two female characters. Two years ago, Béatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young) revealed to Ava in a half-word that she was gay and that she had difficulty accepting her sexual orientation while being Catholic.

These new episodes of Warrior Nun mark a rapprochement between the Sister and Ava, the heroine played by the brilliant Alba Baptista. After exchanging many looks throughout the season, Ava and Beatrice end up exchanging a tender kiss in episode 8, before the sacrifice of the wearer of the Halo.

A scene that confirms the bisexuality of the heroine, as the showrunner of the series had teased in numerous interviews. The couple was quickly renamed “Avatrice” by fans on social networks. And the latter are waiting for a season 3 on a firm footing in order to see the two lovebirds on the screen again.

What viewers particularly appreciated was the treatment of their story, which never fell into trash or overstatement (as other Netflix series can do):

“The scene””The camera operator”

“Sorry, I arrived late? I didn’t expect to make you wait so long”

“It’s engraved in my head forever. We must renew Warrior Nun”

“Beatrice: falls in love / Ava: falls even more in love”

“In a Next Life”


“Just a story of friendship between girls and boys, no love triangle, no sex scenes, no hasty love story, 80% fight scenes. The other series should take notes.”

Note that the Netflix series does not really take liberties with the comics from which it is adapted since in Warrior Nun Areala, it is the character of Sister Mary (Shotgun Mary) who is queer.

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