Wartberg to Krieglach – Semmering expressway: renovation completed

The extensive renovation of new kilometers of the S6 Semmering expressway between Wartberg and Krieglach has now finally been completed. A special feature is the innovative coating of the Wartberg tunnel with tiles. This is hoped for more safety in the tunnel.

Asfinag can complete the renovation of a total of almost nine kilometers of the S 6 Semmering expressway between Wartberg and Krieglach earlier than planned. The renovation of this section of the S 6, which was carried out in two annual stages, was extremely challenging: 31 bridges with a total area of ​​8,700 square meters and a total of 125,000 square meters of road surface in the open air were renovated. Noise protection has also been improved in this area. 27 million euros flowed into the renewal of the entire section. This year the work was carried out in the direction of Seebenstein; in the previous year this section was already renovated in the direction of St. Michael created by the green bridge) Asfinag relied on a special innovation: the tunnel is being refurbished structurally and in terms of safety in accordance with conventional standards. The tunnel coating, however, now consists of ceramic stoneware slabs, or, to put it more simply, tiles. The aim of the pilot project is to investigate whether the “tiled tunnel” also offers advantages over a longer period of time. The tiles are easier to clean than the tunnel coating, and the light reflection is also better. A first major advantage would therefore be an improvement in road safety and also the driver’s feeling of security. Asfinag project manager Christian Fabian expects to have the first evaluations of this pilot project by spring 2022.
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