Warzone 2 leak reveals highly anticipated mechanic

The future map layout of Warzone 2 could include a swimming mechanic that would completely change the gameplay on the future battle royale.

Although there is currently no confirmed release date, the excitement surrounding Warzone 2 is already quite high within the community.

Warzone has had its ups and downs over the past few months. From cheating issues to the mixed reception of the Caldera map, the developers now seem to be turning more to version 2.0 of the battle royale.

The latest rumors have notably announced a future card based in Medellín, Colombia. This theme would be linked to the campaign of the next Modern Warfare 2 with the return of some emblematic maps of the 2009 opus.


A map with a Colombian landscape and expanses of water on Warzone 2

New information from the famous leaker Tom Henderson have revealed details about a potential gameplay mechanic in Warzone 2.

On your marks, get set, swim in Warzone 2

He warned on Twitter that the ability to swim should be a central feature in Warzone 2. On the photo sketch below we can read: “A lot of water here! Well done you can swim!”

Blackout, the first BR in the series with Black Ops 4, featured this swimming mechanic. On the other hand, on Warzone this idea was not taken up. the mechanics could therefore be back on the next version of the battle royale.

Henderson’s good track record gives him some legitimacy with the community. He also hinted at the layout of the future map, with an airport to the east, a quarry to the northwest, caves located in the center of the map as well as a modern city.

Activision has not yet revealed anything about Warzone 2. We will surely have to wait to find out more about Modern Warfare 2 before seeing the first official information about Warzone 2.

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