Warzone: a glitch unfairly punishes the winners of the Gulag

A weird bug in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 1 is punishing players for winning their duel in the Gulag by kicking them from the game.

The Gulag is supposed to give players another chance after a first death in the battle royale, but a very bizarre glitch comes to punish players who have earned the right to return to the mainland of Caldera after winning their 1v1 duel.

Warzone’s mid-season update has finally arrived with the addition of the Welgun submachine gun and major weapon balancing changes. While Raven Software has fixed many bugs to improve the gaming experience, some glitches unfortunately still ruin the game.


There have already been numerous Gulag glitches in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

If it’s frustrating enough to lose your 1v1 in the Gulag and potentially have to rely on your teammates to get back into the game, this new glitch comes to punish players who have even won their duel in the Caldera undergrounds by sending them back to the pre-game lounge.

In a video posted on Reddit, a player showed the glitch in action. He is seen eliminating a player who wasn’t moving, only to see that he was out of the game for good.

According to the comments, this bug was already present at the end of the year 2021 to disappear but it is obviously still present on the game in 2022. At the time of writing this article, Raven Software has not yet spoken about this bug but we hope they can quickly fix it to avoid frustrating other players.

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