Warzone Campers Completely Dominate Caldera

Warzone players are lamenting the return of Storage Town, as campers spoiled the experience and made it difficult to obtain the new Death Prospector camo.

Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific gave players a whole new map for the Battle Royale with the arrival of Good Fortune, but this seasonal update also brought some interesting changes to Caldera.

The developers have removed large amounts of water, reduced vegetation by 50% to make it a little more visible, and also brought in the Storage Town POI from Verdansk.

Naturally, with the revival of such a popular zone, many players were very excited to go check it out, and grab the new Death Prospector camouflage tied to the zone. However, the overall experience has become a nightmare thanks to the campers.

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Storage Town is the new area of ​​Caldera on Warzone, which was already present on Verdansk.

Campers dominate Storage Town in Warzone

On Reddit, one user expressed annoyance with the way players respawn around Storage Town, stating that it makes them too vulnerable to enemies camping near that location.

“Respawns around Storage Town are really weird. Dying and trying to respawn in Storage Town really sucks. It really is the same place no matter where you died. “

Many players are frustrated with this new area: “It’s torture trying to get 100 kills in Storage Town because you can’t even set foot there.”

Another player, UtmostRegret, said sarcastically that the devs realized “a great achievement” with Storage Town changes. “They managed to take one of the most fun and intense POIs from a great map, Verdansk, and turn it into the most annoying and frustrating POI from a mediocre map, Caldera.”

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