Warzone: How to open the vault on Good Fortune

Valuable loot awaits behind the secret vault in the new Warzone map, Good Fortune. Find out how you can access it.

Warzone Season 4 brought a lot of new map-related news with major changes to Caldera and the release of Good Fortune.

And if you’re still learning about this new territory, know that there are a ton of secrets to discover, including one that allows you to summon a zombie.

In addition, like Caldera or Verdansk, Good Fortune also has a secret room to discover.

How to open the secret safe on Good Fortune?


You will need to find two bottles of wine to open the secret room of Good Fortune.

If you haven’t discovered this secret room on your own yet, then it’s worth looking into, as the contents locked inside can secure you a victory.

Of course, there will likely be multiple players trying to open this room, so you’ll have to be prepared for some duels along the way, but here’s how:

  1. Find two bottles of wine around the Terraces location
  2. Then head to the Keep location
  3. Place the two bottles on the empty shelf in front of the dining table
  4. The secret door will then open and you can loot the secret room

You can find a lot of loot behind these shelves.

Opening the chest is quite easy, your hardest task will be to find the wine bottles. You’ll need to look for the Wine Bottles on the tables and shelves in Terraces, as they frequently spawn in this location.

As for Keep, the shelf required to put the wine bottles is located right next to the massive table in the dining room. Players will likely attempt to ambush you as you exit the vault, so be careful.

The loot of the secret room of Good Fortune

Once you open the Good Fortune Vault, then you will definitely be in a rush to loot everything as fast as possible. So check out the items you can expect to find inside:

  • 5000$
  • Legendary Battle Shield
  • Legendary throwing ax
  • Killstreak
  • 3 weapon blueprints
Warzone Good Fortune secret coin loot

This loot should help you greatly in your quest to win the game.

The Killstreak and 3 weapon blueprints vary from game to game, but it’s safe to say that all the loot in this secret room can propel you to victory.

And There you go ! You now know how to access the secret room of Good Fortune as well as the contents it contains.

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