Warzone players are enraged by a new bug

While Warzone players didn’t think the battle royale situation could get any worse, now they have to deal with invisible clouds of gas.

With the kick off of Warzone Pacific Season 1, players were finally treated to a large-scale map that isn’t based on the original battle royale map, Verdansk.

However, their enthusiasm for the idea of ​​making their debut on this new map was quickly dulled by the multiple problems that followed. Bugs have been piling up in the battle royale for weeks, ranging from texture issues to flying Big Berthas.


The least we can say is that Warzone season 1 had a difficult start

While they thought they had seen it all, now players are suffering from a whole different problem: invisible gas clouds.

Invisible gas clouds are terrorizing Warzone

A player reported the issue on Reddit in a clip where he can be seen taking damage from invisible gas clouds.

Although he received no visible warning, in general the gas is easily identifiable on Warzone, the player suffered damage as if stuck in a gas cloud.

In the comments, several players have reported experiencing similar issues, taking damage from invisible gas clouds that appear to appear out of nowhere. Unfortunately, to this day we still do not know what causes this bug, so it is complicated to try to avoid it.

While the developers have delayed the launch of Warzone Season 2 to improve the battle royale situation, one can only hope that this devastating bug will soon be history.

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