Was peaceful – Innsbruck: 800 participants in the “kill borders” demo

A mostly peaceful demonstration under the motto “Killing borders” took place in Innsbruck on Sunday. The police counted around 800 participants. Over 400 officers were deployed. Only the manager and a steward are charged.

The demonstrators gathered around 2 p.m. on Templstraße and, after several speeches, marched through the city center from 3 p.m. “In the demonstration, a ‘black block’ of around 120 participants formed, in which Bengali fires were lit,” according to the executive. In Fallmerayerstraße, paint was thrown at a house facade and police officers. The ÖVP headquarters are also said to have been defaced. Charges against director and steward “Investigations into the perpetrators are ongoing.” Shortly before 5 p.m., the demonstrators gathered in front of the country house, where the final rally was taking place. The demo then broke up. “Since the leader of the meeting and a steward did not oppose the illegal events during the demo, they will be reported for violating the Assembly Act,” the officials concluded. Around 420 police officers were on duty. The FFP2 mask requirement was complied with.
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