“Was to be expected”: Corona cases on Tesla’s large construction site

“Was to be expected”
Corona cases on Tesla’s large construction site

In July, Tesla wants to roll off the first cars in Grünheide. However, there are currently still obstacles – including the pandemic. Several corona infections were detected on the large construction site.

1000 to 2000 people work on the construction site of the Tesla plant in Grünheide. Numerous corona cases have now been found there. How the “Tagesspiegel” reports, at least 20 infections are known, 40 employees are currently in quarantine. Rumors are circulating on the construction site that the problem is on a larger scale, the newspaper continues.

The Oder-Spree district confirmed to the RBB, the number of cases is in the double-digit range. “It was to be expected that one of the largest construction sites in Germany would not be left out in a pandemic that was just accelerating again,” the broadcaster quotes district spokesman Mario Behnke. The health department is in close contact with Tesla.

According to an industry insider, the car manufacturer had already taken protective measures and set up a test center on the construction site. The positive cases were also noticed there. According to the “Tagesspiegel”, the employees are tested there before entering the construction site.

A major outbreak on the construction site would be extremely inconvenient for Tesla, because the schedule is tight: the electric car manufacturer wants to produce the first cars in Grünheide as early as July. The plant has not yet been approved; construction is only possible with provisional approvals. In the worst case, the building would have to be demolished again. The punctual start of production is currently at risk for another reason: the complicated construction of a central sewer pipe, which should actually be completed in March, has not even started, reports the “Tagesspiegel”.

Brandenburg’s Transport Minister Guido Beermann showed himself opposite the “Handelsblatt” Confident about the start of production in the summer – at least about the virus: “Corona will not slow down the Tesla project,” said the CDU politician recently. After all, they are already planning most of the settlement during the pandemic and still have achieved a lot.