Watch out for the new “reprogramming fees” scam


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Phishing attempts are still very present in mailboxes. The latest: “reprogramming costs”, to be paid to unblock the delivery of a package. Be careful, scam …

Consumer scams will never stop. Lately, a little news, discovery by the site Numerama, has just appeared in mailboxes. How does she present herself? This is a very simple email, more or less well reproduced, from a delivery company such as Colissimo or UPS, which informs you that your package could not have been delivered to your home. It is specified that you must pay “Reprogramming costs” amounting to € 1 or € 2, or even less.

To make this fraudulent email even more credible, thieves provide a tracking number that refers to the page of a parcel in transit, which does not belong to you. To top it off, the email informs you that you must pay within 24 hours, otherwise you will not be able to recover the famous package.

Consumer associations worried about “reprogramming costs”

If some people are tempted to pay the amount requested, they very quickly notice the deception. Messages become inconsistent and sometimes it is simply not possible to make payment. But what worries consumer associations the most is the collection of personal information. Before accessing the payment, some people complete their data such as address, surname and first name or even telephone number. And this is what interests criminals.

Phishing, or attempted phishing in French, is not new on the Internet and it is constantly being repeated to best deceive consumers, whose number is constantly increasing. Large brands, taxes, banks, mobile operators and even social security are often victims. We can never say it enough, beware of the emails you receive and when in doubt, do not give out any personal information.

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