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While scams of all kinds are more and more frequent, it is bank card scams that worry the Paris police headquarters for the end of year celebrations. A little warning reminder as Christmas approaches.

While not long ago we warned you about scams at the SNCF as well as at fiber optics, this is a new type of scam to which the Paris police headquarters calls for the highest vigilance: credit card scam. The end-of-year celebrations are upon us and more and more French people are starting Christmas shopping now in order to space out the expenses. If you do not want to spoil your end-of-year celebrations, it is important to remain vigilant and above all not to fall into the trap denounced by the Paris police headquarters.

Indeed, it has been some time since a new scam emerged in the French capital directly at the exit of the stores. The process is simple, a person pretending to be an employee of the store in which you have just left approaches you on the pretext of an error in the payment of your purchases. She then asks you to correct the error by holding out an electronic payment terminal to insert your bank card. That’s when the fake seller runs off with your card and you can’t do anything.

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A fashionable scam in the capital

If this is reminiscent of other scams like that of the octogenarian who was robbed of more than 400 euros by a fake employee of a supermarket in the Pyrénées-Orientales, it is because this type of scam is starting to have the wind in its sails throughout France. Squadron Leader Céline Thomas of the Pyrénées-Orientales Gendarmerie returns to this type of scam in a report by TF1 : “In this way of acting, they are often women and they have nice words, they know how to turn things around, they are very benevolent and they manage to divert the attention of their victim by fraudulent verbal maneuvers”.

It is therefore essential to remain vigilant and not to rely on clothing or other distinctive signs of this kind when you are approached by someone outside a store. Never provide your personal banking information as well as your credit card near a business.

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