Watch out for travel certificate scams!

Some ill-intentioned people are surfing the health crisis. The authorities warn against scams and malicious sites around the displacement certificate put in place regarding containment to fight against the coronavirus.

Nobody missed the information, travel should be kept to a minimum following the containment in place to fight coronavirus. However, French people can leave their homes on the condition of filling in a derogatory travel certificate valid for certain cases only. Without this paper, a fine ranging from 135 to 375 euros is to pay. But beware, some hastened to hack the document for malicious purposes.

The travel certificate can be downloaded FREE and can be completed on simple printing. In a Facebook post, the Gendarmerie des Yvelines warns of a scam.
"This certificate is FREE and downloadable! Do not buy it for € 100 on a sales site", specifies the gendarmerie. The crooks are already being identified by cyber-gendarmes.

According to Midi Libre, people in Béziers also took advantage of the situation to sell these free certificates for 5 euros each. this is still a scam and the perpetrators were arrested by the police.

Do not use a generator

Some sites offer to automatically generate the certificate online. You just need to fill in your personal information (address, date of birth or even your signature). The risk ? These sites, sometimes hosted abroad, make the recorded data available to hackers. They can also redirect to pages or malware.

The National Commission for Data Protection (Cnil) strongly advises to print the certificate or to copy it. It is therefore better to avoid downloading the document directly from an unknown source. The website of the Ministry of the Interior provides the official document.

New evolution of the directives, it is no longer possible to present the document on your smartphone since Wednesday morning. "We want to keep the paper to avoid the scams that there can be online", Olivier Di Lullo, spokesman for the national police, told franceinfo.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, 50 to 70% of the French population will be contaminated

Video by Juliette Le Peillet

by Celine Peschard