watch out for your consoles, a new hack

Piracy is a constant scourge in the world of video games and computing. Today, a new threat seems to weigh on the PS5 and its users. What information do we have about this?

In the video game industry, the activity of groups of hackers or isolated pirates is frequent, particularly in recent years. We remember, for example, the hacking of GTA 6. This revealed gameplay of the game even before an official announcement. This time, it’s Sony that is in the crosshairs, and the Japanese firm seems to be seriously threatened. PS5 in danger?

The PS5 is under threat

So, the Ransomware group claims to have successfully infiltrated Sony Group systems. He is now threatening to sell sensitive data stolen from the Japanese company. Although these allegations have not yet been confirmed, Cyber ​​Security Connect (hacking specialist) reports that this new ransomware actor has already compromised an impressive number of systems since its emergence the previous month., which operates as both a ransomware group and a ransomware-as-a-service organization, claims to offer a “secure solution” for managing enterprise data security vulnerabilities. They also claim to respect the GDPR and data protection laws. The group also mentioned that if payment is not received, it would be required to report a violation to the GDPR supervisory authority. We can thus read:

We managed to compromise[allSonysystems[touslessystèmesSony and NWe will not ransom them! We will sell the data. Because Sony doesn’t want to pay. DATA IS FOR SALE

According to reports, the majority of members are based in Ukraine and Russia. Which would complicate possible legal actions. It is indeed difficult to imagine Europe or the USA gently knocking on Russia’s door to request action against these pirates.

The threat of the group in pictures.

A big action soon?

The group released some purported evidence of its hack, including screenshots and a PowerPoint presentation. Although these elements are not particularly convincing at first glance. They even set a “publication date” for September 28. Date from which they plan to disclose all data if it is not purchased before. All of this should therefore include PS5 account data and probably much more. We are thinking in particular of PSN data and PS4 users. In the worst case scenario, we can also include Sony support, who, as you can imagine, must have a lot of information about their customers. Generally speaking, anything directly or indirectly affiliated with Sony is potentially affected. The same goes for owners of Sony-branded hardware aside from consoles. To be continued.

Sony, having previously suffered a serious security breach in 2011 that affected approximately 77 million accounts and cost the company more than $100 million, has yet to respond to these new allegations. At that time, the company faced numerous class action lawsuits and offered compensation to affected users. Jack Tretton, head of PlayStation in the United States, issued an apology, reaffirming the company’s commitment to ensuring a safe and entertaining PlayStation experience for everyone.

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