Watch trends 2023: 5 stylish models that are also inexpensive

Watch trends 2023
We now wear these five models

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Watches are not only practical companions in everyday life because they show you the time, but also true artists when it comes to styling. We’ll show you five models that are trendy now, as well as real classics!

Wearing a watch is a matter of habit. It has been an integral part of everyday life since we were teenagers and that’s why we somehow don’t want to and can’t do without it anymore. Leave the house without a watch? Impossible! Too often during the day you go unnoticed to your watch to check the time. One could almost call it a small obsession. If the watch is missing, you suddenly feel somehow naked. Over the years, of course, we like to acquire one or two watches – but what do you actually wear now and what are they? classic iconswhich never leaves the fashion coming? We have five models for you that you can always wear.

Monochrome look

The monochrome look has long since arrived in the fashion world and has been delighting fashion fans ever since. The monotonous vibe doesn’t just score points when it comes to clothing, Nowadays you also choose the watch in a single-color look. Are particularly popular Models in subtle colors How Cream white or beige. Of course, the monochrome look also includes colors like gold and silver. Both the bracelet and the rest of the case and the dial then have one and the same color. A chic look for everyday and evening wear!

Delicate with bangles

If you like things delicate, you can choose one slim watch and thin Bangles well served. Especially in spring and summer you can have your beautiful ones Emphasize wrists and give them an extra charm. You can combine it with jeans and a simple white T-shirt as well as an airy summer dress. Since this look is generally very delicate, you should also consider the rest of your jewelry Avoid accessories that are too heavy. Instead, fine, long ones are suitable Earrings for combining, as well as several narrow rings.


Square clocks have fought their way into the top 5 most popular models in recent years. Whether gold, silver or rose gold makes no difference here. The “new” classic is a Real all-rounder and fits every stylethat you choose. The look can then be expanded with other accessories such as matching colors Hoop earrings and wrestling.


Is mono too boring for you? No problem, because multiple colors are also trendy for watches. In that case, leave it alone Clock in the foreground stand. To do this, combine one subtle outfit, which picks up one or two colors of the watch. You can then combine other accessories in the same colors. If you like it multicolored and simple at the same time, choose one Clock with gold and silver. This means you also have more choice when it comes to your jewelry to style it with your watch.

Dark dial

It is and remains an evergreen: the Clock with dark dial. The slight mystique that it exudes makes the watch special exciting for the evening. Leave enough space for the elegant wristwatch avoid excessive accessories. Instead, limit yourself to the most tender ones bracelet and medium-sized earrings, for example in the shape of a teardrop. This way you don’t take away from the clock’s effect, but rather emphasize it.

Smartwatch for all technology fans

Not only analogue watches are very popular as practical accessories – too Smartwatches are enjoying increasing popularity. In addition to showing the time, it also shows information about the weather, news or your own activity. Practical for anyone who wants to be informed and fit.

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