watchOS 9: arrhythmia monitoring, medication reminders, discover all the new features

Apple has just unveiled a new version of the operating system for its connected watches: watchOS 9. On the program, many new features, including monitoring of arrhythmia and reminders for taking medication.

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Even before the start of WWDC 2022, we already know that iOS 16 was not going to be a revolution, and that Apple was going to bet everything on watchOS 9. During the conference, Apple indeed unveiled many interesting new features for the operating system of its connected watches. watchOS 9 done a big step forward in health and fitnessadding a host of new features for both of these areas, here’s everything you need to know.

More metrics during workouts

Apple announced that it has expanded training metrics to include heart rate zones, as well as some running-specific data. Running activity mode will now calculate vertical oscillation, stride length, ground contact time and power (in watts)which you can see at a glance on your Apple Watch.

For runners, you can also try to break your previous records on frequent courses and help you with voice alerts for pace. You can also set a heart rate zone for your workoutand you will receive alerts telling you if you are in or out of this zone.

Finally, users will also be able to activate a new cardio recovery function to receive estimates on recovery times after a walk, run or outdoor hike

Your Apple Watch will remind you to take your medication

Apple is launching a Medicines app for iPhone and Apple Watch tohelp users know when to take their medication. It is possible to set up custom schedules and reminders for each medication. US users will be able to receive an alert in the event of “potential critical interactions” with the drugs they add to the Health app. You can also just scan the drugs to add them.

A new feature that detects atrial fibrillation

The Apple Watch’s heart rate monitor already works in the background to flag any irregularities that could be a sign of arrhythmia, but the users will now receive a weekly alert on the time they spend in atrial fibrillation. They can also check the Health app to see how other factors such as sleep and exercise may interact with heart rate. Users will even be able to share their atrial fibrillation history with their doctor.

Triathlon is now supported on watchOS 9

Triathletes do not seem to have been forgotten with this new watchOS 9 update, since it will allow you to quickly switch from cycling to swimming and running. When it comes to swimming, watchOS 9 introduces kickboard detection, so the watch will be able to track swims in which a kickboard is used. She will also get a SWOLF score to measure swimming efficiency. It will suffice touse the Digital Crown to switch between activities.

Apple improves sleep cycle tracking

Apple announces that it has improved sleep tracking by introducing the different stages of sleep. The Apple Watch can now provide a breakdown of REM sleep, light sleep and deep sleep in the app.

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Credit: Apple

Which connected watches are compatible with watchOS 9?

So iOS 16 has already dropped iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 as well as the first iPhone SE, the new version watchOS 9 also leaves behind a connected watch, the Apple Watch Series 3. Indeed, the watch introduced in 2017 with features such as cellular calls is not compatible with the new update.

It is not surprising to see Apple abandon its connected watch, since this one has already been supported for almost 4 years. We also recall that users had had a lot of trouble in recent years installing new updates on this model, in particular because of the 8 GB of internal storage. The watchOS 7 update was already causing reboots and bugs galore, and IOS 14.6 even required users to restore the watch before installing the new version.

Although the Watch Series 3 does not benefit from watchOS 9, Apple has not yet removed its watch from its official store. This one is still available from 219 euros on the Apple Storebut if you have a small budget and want to take advantage of the new features of watchOS 9, then you will now need turn to the Apple Watch SE, sold from 299 euros.

Source: Apple

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