Water-cooled! – Moto Guzzi brings a new bike – with 1000 cc V2

This year the motorcycle brand Moto Guzzi can look back on 100 years of history. But instead of just celebrating the successes of the past, the Italians are also looking ahead in the anniversary year – on a new plant and on the new V100 Mandello model.

The traditional motorcycle manufacturer wants to start redesigning its plant on Lake Como in 2021. The basis for the renovation is a futuristic design by the American designer Greg Lynn. In future, the site is to be designed to be open and accessible and to be used as a public meeting point with the hotel and restaurant.

With the new V100 Mandello, of which Moto Guzzi has now published the first pictures, the Italians are opening a new chapter in the technology of their motorcycles. Instead of an air-cooled engine as in the currently offered V7, V9 and V85 TT series, the future sports tourer relies on a liquid-cooled V2 from a completely new generation of engines.

Moto Guzzi does not reveal much at the moment, but it is said to be a unit with a displacement of one liter and over 100 hp. The new model, and thus the engine that will serve as the basis for future Guzzi innovations, will celebrate its premiere at the EICMA motorcycle fair in Milan at the end of November.

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