Wave of migrants – “Border protection is now the order of the day!”

More and more refugees and migrants are coming to Austria via the green border in Burgenland – and soon to Upper Austria too, fears FPÖ state party secretary Michael Gruber. In view of the daily 300 to sometimes 500 seizures at the border in Burgenland (near Nickelsdorf), he speaks of a “massive wave of migrants”, which is already approaching “conditions like 2015”: “But nobody looks at it and nobody talks about it. According to Gruber, housing for such migrants is already being sought in Upper Austria’s communities.

The consequence of all this is obvious for the Upper Austrian FPÖ politician: “As long as there is no plan in the EU to secure Europe, we must act ourselves! Border protection is the order of the day, not only for more security, but also as a sign of state sovereignty. If we start looking for quarters for refugees in the communities again, then the tail will be wagging the dog. We have to start taking ourselves seriously again!” Gruber put his fears in a nutshell: “Nobody has a problem with Ukrainian women and children, but we will have a big problem, as before, with Afghan and other Muslim male migrants “Because the executive at the border can no longer keep up with the determination of identity, “significantly more posts should be created for the police and army,” adds the FPÖ politician.
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