Way of the Hunter: animals enjoy their last moments in a new trailer

It’s next week that will be released Way of the Huntera new hunting simulation game developed by Nine Rocks Games and edited by THQ Nordic. The publisher held a conference last night, he obviously took the opportunity to highlight his game through a new trailer:

If the video of Way of the Hunter first shows animals roaming freely in nature, in Europe and North America, let’s not forget thatthey will still have to be hunted down and killed, as the very end of the trailer reminds us so well. And if you don’t know yet Way of the Hunterhere’s what to remember:

This authentic hunting experience lets you explore and hunt in massive open-world environments across the United States and Europe. Discover lifelike animals in their sumptuous natural habitats and wield various detailed and ultra-realistic weapons.

Way of the Hunter offers you a total and very immersive experience, in the midst of a fauna whose behavior is faithful to reality. Watch the complex shift of ecosystems reacting and adapting to your actions. Master the skills of a real hunter and put your skills to the test.

Take up the challenges of ethical hunting, live the captivating scenario or simply enjoy hunting in complete freedom in the abundant environments:

  • Dozens of detailed animal species and realistic behaviors for a truly immersive hunting experience;
  • Hunt like a pro with animal track tracking features, bloodstain analysis and a bullet camera to review shot patterns;
  • Go hunting in two unique and varied spaces, by car or on foot. The Pacific Northwest and Transylvania each represent a territory of 144 km²;
  • Use your Hunter Instinct to spot important details in the wild, or turn it off and customize your interface for a more challenging experience;
  • A complex trophy system generating unique antlers and horns based on several factors such as the physical condition and age of the animal;
  • Sophisticated natural animations for animals, with reactions to the presence of players;
  • Use the 24-hour day/night cycle to your advantage, with variations in wind and weather;
  • Ballistic physics and realistic bullets;
  • Choose from a wide range of firearms and gear, including official hunting gear from Bushnell, Federal, Leupold, Primos, Remington, and Steyr Arms;
  • Take advantage of an in-game economy that allows you to hunt and sell meat to purchase new equipment, hunting licenses and taxidermy trophies for your displays;
  • A storyline taking on the difficulties of a family’s commercial hunting activity, and the rivalries and friendships that revolve around it;
  • Go on an adventure and hunt with friends in co-op mode;
  • Discover an intuitive photo mode to capture and share your favorite moments.

Way of the Hunter release date is set for August 16, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, you can pre-order it at €39.99 on

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