Wayne Shorter: Jazz saxophonist dead at 89

Wayne Shorter
Jazz saxophonist dies aged 89

Wayne Shorter, pictured here performing in Spain, has died.

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The saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter is dead. The American, who played with Miles Davis, among others, was 89 years old.

Wayne Shorter (1933-2023) died at the age of 89 in a Los Angeles hospital, as did his agent Alisse Kingsley according to The New York Times. Shorter’s cause of death is unknown.

The legendary musician, who was born in Newark in 1933, was considered one of the most influential jazz saxophonists and composers. Shorter has received numerous awards throughout his multi-decade career. Among other things, he was nominated for 23 Grammy Awards, of which he was able to win eleven. At the beginning of February he was awarded Leo Genovese for “Best Improvised Jazz Solo Performance” at this year’s Grammys.

Wayne Shorter shaped modern jazz

Shorter received another Grammy for lifetime achievement. A press release in 2014 said that he had made a name for himself as “a leading figure in jazz”. In addition to other excellent artists, the saxophonist has made “rich contributions to our culture and history”.

He is an “enigmatic, bold saxophonist [gewesen]who shaped the color and contour of modern jazz as one of his most revered composers,” the US daily’s report continued. Last but not least, Shorter played alongside other greats such as Herbie Hancock (82), Miles Davis (1926-1991) or Freddie Hubbard (1938-2008).


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