we adopt transparent nails!

New trendy manicure that is popular on social networks, glass nails or transparent nails are popular among nailistas.

It has been a while since we can admire manicures displaying perfectly transparent nails on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. A surprising manicure trend that has slowly but surely caught on among fans of nail art and other nail beauty treatments until they become essential.

What are the glass nails ?

As their name suggests, glass nails are transparent nails like glass of a window. You can see through the nails on the whole part where the nail plate is not hooked to the nail, in other words over the entire length of the nail (usually white part when you let your nails grow). Nothing to do with the complexity of broken glass nails, another manicure trend that was to replicate the effect of broken glass on your nails. With the glass nails, it is ultimately to a simple and transparent manicure that we come back because it is characterized by transparent nails only. The manicure is gaining an increasing place on social networks, and can be found under various hashtags such #glassnails #transparentnails, #clearnails or #seethroughnails understand nails where you can see through. Various and varied names which therefore describe a single trend: that of transparent nails like glass.

How to adopt the trend of transparent nails?

To achieve this particular effect on the nails, it is impossible to stick with natural nails. It is necessary to use the false nails and more precisely that of transparent capsules on the nails, or to gel nail extensions. This is why we cannot advise you enough to give in to the trend only if your nails are in good health so as not to make your damaged nails worse.
As for the length, it's up to you to decide which one you want to wear, and the same goes for the shape of your nails which can be square, almond, square-rounded, or even stiletto if you prefer XXL nails.

The glass nails short nails version

Transparent almond nails

Long nails transparencies with a square end

In addition, for a result that meets your expectations, it is still best to entrust your hands to the expertise of a nail technician who will ensure flawless installation of false nails and with maximum respect for your natural nails.
If you still want do your manicure at home so you don't have to wait for the release of containment to try it out, there are clear false nail kits you can buy online to replicate the trend for yourself.

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An example of applying transparent nails

Good to know if you are a fan of naturally long nails: generally, the natural nail must be cut short beforehand so that it doesn't look unsightly under the transparent false nails that will be placed on top. A detail to take into account because once the removal is done, you will not find your long nails overnight after adopting the glass nails. To successfully apply your false nails and obtain a rendering similar to the previous examples, you will indeed have to cut your nails short before you can put your nails in place. transparent nails without showing the natural nail growth. Those who are irreducible with long nails may also choose the alternative of keeping a little length under the capsule and will obtain a result of this kind where we see the length of the nail located below:

Another option: varnish her nails with a colored nail polish nude beforehand to create a nice base of long nails before applying the transparent capsules. A good way to avoid cutting without compromising the look of this transparent manicure.
You will then have a manicure that looks like this:

You will understand, despite its sobriety, this type of nail beauty is not for people who play the natural card to beautify their hands and nails. On the other hand, this approach will work well for people looking for a more extensive manicure that can match any look with ease.

How to customize your manicure glass nails ?

Finally, if the trend of see-through nails lacks a bit of originality in your opinion, know that transparent nails have not had their last word because they are happy to decorate themselves with a few touches of fantasy like glitter, a logo placed on a nail in accent nail or a touch of opaque color on the transparent capsule. You can also personalize your manicure by decorating it with rhinestones, pearls or stickers with various patterns and varied according to your desires.

Glass nails glitter

The transparent nails pimped with color

Transparent decorated nails

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