we are adopting the green eyeliner trend for our holiday make-up!


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This new makeup trend that is emerging will be popular in 2022 and is ideal for the holiday season. We show you how to wear green eyeliner.

The color green has established itself as one of the most trendy in recent months, both in fashion and in beauty. We even bet that it will shade the Pantone color of the year 2022 in January! If we previously hesitated to wear this daring shade on a daily basis, it has gradually found a place on our nails and will now also be worn on our eyes. Spurred on by celebrity make-ups, a new trend was born: that of green eyeliner, of which actress Lucy Hale and models Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are the latest ambassadors to date. But if some dare to use neon green on their eyelids, others prefer a shade of deep green which is much easier to wear and turns out to be very chic worn as an eyeliner.

It is this green eyeliner that we are talking about because it is not only stylish but also much easier to wear at any age. As you will have understood, the key to adopting the trend of green on the eyes is therefore to opt for an intense and rather dark shade of green in order to display a colorful make-up, certainly, but distinguished. We assure you, fir green and emerald green are colors much easier to assume than you might think. And if you don’t dare during the day, now is the time to dare it in evening makeup for the holiday season.

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How to wear the green eyeliner trend this winter 2021-2022?

Since this is an original color that is a sensation on its own, we advise you to draw a line as simply as possible on your eyes with your colored eyeliner. The idea is not to create artistic makeup but to feel comfortable with makeup that is easy to assume. The best is therefore to draw a fairly fine line that runs along your eyelids at the level of the lashes, and to make it end in a well drawn comma. The base for any eyeliner, but even more so for colorful eye makeup like this one.

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Those who are keen on glitter makeup can also play on the finish of the eyeliner by opting for a formula full of glitter that will make the line sparkle with a thousand sparkles. And for people who haven’t yet mastered the eyeliner line, eye shadow worked with a fine brush as eyeliner is the best option. Allowing a more blurry “smudgy” rendering, it allows imprecision and offers an ideal smoky eye effect for an easy evening make-up.

3 products to easily adopt the green eyeliner makeup trend:

And the rest of the beauty in all of this?

As you can imagine, the more sober the better to leave the spotlight to the green shade without risking the mirror ball effect. Complexion and lips side, the tones nude are therefore required. Swap your pink or peach blush for a bronzing powder which very delicately enhances the mine without disturbing the harmony. For the mouth, a matte lipstick will be the most beautiful effect and less flashy than a lipstick nude shiny if you go for a satin green or glitter effect eyeliner.

3 really cute ways to apply your golden eyeliner:

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