"We are direct": Laurent Ruquier confuses Thomas and Jacques Dutronc, uneasiness on the set: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Same hairstyle, same job, same look, same surname … There is no need to say: it is easy to confuse Jacques Dutronc and his son Thomas so much the resemblance is striking. This is what happened to Laurent Ruquier on Saturday February 27, 2021 on the set of the show We are live on France 2. The 58-year-old host indeed received Thomas Dutronc on the occasion of the release of the reissue of his album Frenchy. But while he presented the clip for one of the new songs that make up this record, Laurent Ruquier inadvertently called his guest by his father's first name. A small blunder to which the singer and guitarist of 47 years must be accustomed since he did not even notice the error of his host. It is also the TV presenter, certainly alerted by his collaborators, who apologized to his guest: "It seems that I called you Jacques Dutronc instead of Thomas. It happens regularly". Pretending to be annoyed, Thomas Dutronc replied: "But no, it's an honor", eliciting embarrassed laughter from the other guests on set.

A slip that Thomas Dutronc is used to

This slip has above all been the opportunity for Laurent Ruquier to follow another song from the reissue of Thomas Dutronc's album. "It is perhaps because I had the name of Jacques Dutronc in front of my eyes, because we did not say it, but it is with him that you resume (the title) Le Petit Jardin". Thomas Dutronc then took the opportunity to tell the genesis of this new duo: "Well yes it was Christmas, so I said: 'Daddy, you don't want to sing with me, please me'. It's a song he doesn't really like so I thought that fell well and that I was going to piss him off ". Not upset for a penny, the son of Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy, who found his father in July 2020 after months of separation, did not want Laurent Ruquier and even spent a pleasant evening singing, for the greater pleasure for the other guests.

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