"We are live": Laurent Ruquier receives Kim Kardashian's robber and shocks the Web! : Current Woman The MAG

It is one of most publicized robberies of recent decades. On the night of October 2, 2016, in the middle of Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian was the victim of an assault in Paris. That day, as the star was resting quietly in her luxury hotel room, five men managed to force their way into the room. Equipped with a weapon, the latter threatened him, tied him up and then stole the equivalent of nine million euros of jewelry before fleeing. Very quickly, information made the headlines. The robbery investigation is scrupulously followed by the American media. And, in just a few months, the investigations of the French police gave rise to the arrest of seventeen suspects. A breakthrough did not fail to relieve Kim Kardashian, still hurt by what she experienced as she explains in her testimony broadcast on Netflix on October 21, 2020.

At the end of January 2017, the confession of the mastermind of the robbery allowed the arrest of five men. Yunice Yabbas, one of the thieves, published the book I kidnapped Kim Kardashian in which he returns to that night in order to give his version of the facts. Since then, the sixty-year-old has had a series of promotional interviews. Saturday February 6, 2021, the one we nickname Grandpa robber was one of Laurent Ruquier's guests on the show We are live, broadcast on France 2. A presence that has aroused many reactions on social networks.

Laurent Ruquier criticized for the interview with Yunice Abbas

Laurent Ruquier's initiative to interview Yunice Abbas is far from being unanimous among Internet users. On Twitter they were many to express their astonishment. "2 years ago Laurent Ruquier shit about the violence of the Yellow Vests. Today he's promoting a kidnapper robber. He changed Lolo …","Quite shocked by this interview with the “Kim Kardashian robber” on France 2. I do not understand the objective … Pretty crazy as a sequence … Interview with a robber ","Ruquier's complacency and sneers towards this criminal, it's amazing"," He brags about paying taxes on his flight and he laughs. Ruquier too. I will wake up, I will wake up, I will wake up ", can be read in reaction. There is no doubt that Laurent Ruquier will respond to Internet users soon after this umpteenth controversy about him.

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