We are shaping the future – an outline of organic grain by Johannes Tomic

Initially ridiculed, today a role model: Organic farmer Johannes Tomic is one of the pioneers of organic farming and has also set completely new standards for animal welfare in pig farming.

Senior boss Johannes Tomic laid the foundation stone for the organic success of his hereditary farm in Buchbrunn near Eberndorf 28 years ago, always trying new things, changing and doing better – for the benefit of people and animals. There is now a real rift around the grain from the Tomic farm as well as the valuable wholefood flours and sugar-free mueslis that are available in the farm shop with its own bakery and on the markets in Klagenfurt.

Psyche investigated
The large retail chains have now also become aware of the organic farm. For pork from species-appropriate husbandry, “Back to the origin” has even knocked on the door. Because Johannes Tomic dealt with the psyche of the pig and converted his pigsty years ago for the benefit of the animals. The mother pigs can give birth to their piglets on soft straw and even have their own toilet.

Farm’s own feed
The male piglets are castrated under general anesthesia and the boar Oscar runs with the herd. They only feed with the farm’s own feed, especially the GMO-free soy. The marketing partners like to pay more for the meat. In the three-field economy, cultivation cycles are observed in which winter and summer cereals and legumes (especially soy) alternate in a cycle that is healthy for the soil.

Motivated organic farmers to rethink
“Because a higher humus content allows the soil to store more nutrients and water,” explains Tomic, who has meanwhile achieved a lot in the country and has motivated numerous organic farmers to rethink their approach and won them over as valuable comrades-in-arms and partners. Despite the success, he is still looking for improvements.

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