“We are very happy” – Vienna’s orangutan baby is called like an Indonesian city

The orangutan offspring at Schönbrunn Zoo has a name: the female born on June 19 is called “Kendari”. After internal considerations, the decision was made to name an Indonesian city. Indonesia is the original home of the orangutans, where the animals have now been almost wiped out due to deforestation and illegal trade.

“We are very happy that the young animal is developing so well and that we have found a name. ‘Kendari’ is getting bigger and stronger every day. She is already raising her head and slowly starting to perceive her surroundings with wide eyes. Everything is always in the protective arms of mother animal ‘Sari’,” says animal keeper Sandra Keiblinger. Caring mom orangutan mom ‘Sari’ takes good care of her offspring – this is by no means a matter of course for a primiparous female orangutan, they said. “The rest of the group is also interested in the young animal. In particular, the orangutan lady ‘Mota’, who is already 58 years old, likes to be near ‘Kendaris’,” reported the head of the zoological department, Folko Balfanz. Depending on the weather and the time of day, mother and offspring alternate spending their day in the outdoor or indoor area. “Like all the animals in the group, they too can freely choose their place in the facility,” says Balfanz. The chances of being able to discover the little ‘Kendari’ the next time you visit the zoo are high.
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